Dead Sea Facial - Oily Skin

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SeaSoul Dead Sea Mineral Facial Kit comes in Mono dose form with 6 sachets inside which will give you a complete skincare set to pamper yourself with. The package comprises six master sachets, each of which contains a cleanser, facial polish, massage cream, mask, toning gel and whitening cream. 1. PHYTOGEL CLARIFYING FOAM CLEANSER- The cleanser essentially removes make-up, oil, dirt, and other pollutants from the skin before the facial unclogging pores to prevent skin conditions. 2. 3-IN-1 FACIAL POLISH- The Facial polish in the kit cleans the pores sucking out the impurities and toxins, then peels away the dead skin cells buffing away the dead skin cells & polishes the skin revealing a youthful complexion. 3. DEEP TISSUE FACIAL MASSAGE CREAM- The massage cream stimulates & Regenerates skin cells while relaxing facial muscle tension making the skin look younger, softer and more vibrant. 4. DEAD SEA FACIAL MUD OILY SKIN MASK- The Facial Mud Mask infuses the essential Dead Sea Minerals into the skin & helps the skin to heal. 5. INTENSIVE SOOTHING TONING GEL- The Toning Gel treats blemishes & rashes while evens out skin tone. 6. MINERALIZED WHITENING CREAM-SPF 20-- This Mineral Whitening Cream contains SPF targeting and lightening discoloration. It promotes an even & uniform complexion addressing the hyper pigmentation issues. This facial works on Cool-Warm Therapy, therefore helps the cell stimulation & regeneration, the “Greener” way making skin look radiant, glowing, lightened, brightened & younger than ever while keeping the health in mind. -Cleans out toxins and impurities -Infuses Essential Minerals into Skin -Evens out skin tone -Sooths blemishes and rashes -Helps removing blemish and pigmentation -Natural Ingredients -Dead Sea Minerals -Cools and refreshes skin -Hydrating and Nourishing

Dead Sea Salts & Minerals, Jojoba Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Goji Berry, Noni Fruit, Plant stem cells

step 1 (PHYTOGEL CLARIFYING FOAM CLEANSER)- Cleanse with the cleanser & wipe off using cotton pad dipped in warm water. step 2( 3-IN-1 FACIAL POLISH) Apply on face & spread it using warm water. Massage gently for 5-7 mins with warm water. Wipe off using warm water. For Blackheads, use steamer for 10-15 mins. step 3(DEEP TISSUE FACIAL MASSAGE CREAM) Do a hydrating massage with the cream on face, neck & decolletage using warm water. Massage gently for 7-10 mins. Wipe off using warm water. step 4 (DEAD SEA FACIAL MUD OILY SKIN MASK) Apply the mud mask & leave it to dry. After 5-7 mins, massage the mask gently into the skin using warm water & wipe off using warm water. step5 (INTENSIVE SOOTHING TONING GEL) Apply the gel to face and massage for 3-5 mins, wipe off using warm water. step6 (MINERALIZED WHITENING CREAM-SPF 20) Apply the Whitening Cream to complete the facial.
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