Organic Body Spa Kit

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SeaSoul ORGANIC BODY SPA (ANTI-TAN/HYDRATING/SKIN LIGHTENING) Kit comes in Mono dose form with 3 sachets inside which will give you a complete skincare set to pamper yourself with. The package comprises three master sachets, each of which contains a cleanser,scrub +mask and massage oil. 1. GEL CLEANSER (SULPHATE FREE)-The cleanser essentially removes oil, dirt and other pollutants from the skin before the spa unclogging pores to prevent skin conditions. 2. ANTI-TAN SCRUB+MASK- The Scrub+Mask Formula will remove tan. Apply the product and gently massage and slowly the product will into mask, leave for some time, rinse off and get smooth, supple, soft and hydrating clean skin. 3. MASSAGE OIL- The massage oil stimulates & regenerates skin cells while relaxing body muscle tension making the skin look younger, softer and more vibrant. This body spa works on Cool-Warm Therapy, therefore helps the cell stimulation & regeneration, the “Greener” way making skin look radiant, glowing, lightened, brightened & younger than ever while keeping the health in mind. -Provides Natural Glow -Infuses Essential Minerals into Skin -Evens out skin tone -Removes Tan -Dead Sea Minerals -Hydrating and Nourishing
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Step 1: {GEL CLEANSER (SULPHATE FREE)}- Cleanse with Gel cleanser & use warm water to massage, then wipe off using cotton pad dipped in warm water. Step 2: (ANTI-TAN SCRUB+MASK) Apply on the wet body spread it using warm water. Massage gently for 5-7 minutes, the scrub will dissolve into a white mask. Leave it for 5-7 minutes to dry & then wipe off using cotton & warm water or else take a warm water shower. Step 3: (MASSAGE OIL) Massage all over the body with Massage Oil & then wipe off using warm water, only if required.
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